About me

Nuts, out there, mental… these are some of the words that get used to describe my persona in correlation to the nova. If that’s true depends on ones opinion 🙂

Born on the 8th of April 1986 in the suburbs of Zurich in a unspectacular town. As a small child the affinity for technical stuff has been aparent and even during adolescents there hasn’t been a electronic device save from me and got disassembled quite quickly.

Traind as a car mechanic i’ve decided, as soon as the apprenticeship was over, to step into the world of IT. I have been fascinated by the mechanics of a car since i started as a mechanic and it has increased ever more during every modification i conducted. Altough now working in IT project management there has remained a small connection between job and hobby.

In contrast to the nova i’m somewhat different as i’m 6″5 in height. This gives a picture of an unequal pair 🙂