First Trackday with the mid engine corsa

There was a bit of a knot in my stomach prior to the first drive on the track, dozens of questions in my head, have i forgotten something? Did i really recheck all the bolts? Do i have to expect catastophic understeer?

Luckely the first preparations on site distracted me somewhat and my doubts quickly vanished as i started to press the gaspedal more and more towards the floor and no parts flew across the track 😀

To my suprise the handling was very comfortable and there was no understeer detectable despite the light front axle. But i must admit i was very cautious when driving around a bend or thight corner to prevent to experience something unforseen.

After just two runs the first areas for improvement made themself aparent which makes driving in the future less stressful. Things i defenetly have to adress are:

– Cooling in the engine bay, heatsoaking and rising engine temperature after stopping.
– Brakes, astra 16v brakes are not suitable for the power avaiable 😀
– Gearshift somewhat vague and unprecise
– Tankenlüftung, austreten von Kraftstoff in engen Kurven.
– Gas tank ventialtion, leaking petrol in corners

Engine mapping proved it self as quite challenging as it is difficult to simulate all driving conditions without being in everybodys way. Despite that i was able to find a lot of areas where the mapping could be improved and make it more refined. Luckely my roughly handmade mapping made prior to the trackday wasn’t much off and the full throttle part proved it self as quite accurate which resulted easely into good acceleration.

Unfortunately the gearshift became more and more vague towards the end of the last drive which led me to leave the track. This proved it self as a good idea as one of the push-pull cables decided to disintegrate just as i left the track.
Luckely i was able to put it in gear manually using the manipulation on the gearbox which made it even possible to easly drive onto the trailer.

In total i’m very satisfied with the result, every important thing worked, sometimes even better than expected. All the hours which i spent for information gathering, engineering and put into reality have really paid off.
Despite heading home having a “defective” car on the trailer i was really happy and found new motivation to carry on… 😎

Pictures are in short supply, although i will provide them as soon as some can be found on the web. 😉
Something i can provide are videos

Trackday Video
Best of all scenes, emotions and events

First run

Second run

Third run

Fourth run, with Breakdown at the end due to ripped push-pull cable

See you next time 🙂

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