The Corsa

The facts

As bought in october 2009

Make: Opel
Model: Corsa A GSi
Year: 1991
Engine: C16SEi
Milage: approx. 296’000km

Condition: desolate 🙂

As of 2021

Make: Opel/Subaru/ExTrEmeOc
Model: Corsa (what’s left of it)
Year: 1991-2021


-Mid engine Subaru EJ207 v7 (265PS/343NM)
-KMS MP25 engine management
-APS SR40 Turbo
-800CC Bosch Injectors
-Water injection
-Lightweight crank pulley
-Aluminium intake pipe
-Power steering and air conditioncompressor removed
-Selfmade engine mounts
-Mocal oil cooler
-Competition engine mounts and pitch stop


-Impreza GT radiator in fornt (tilted)
-Quaife limited slip differential
-Competition clutch flywheel
-Exedy stage 1 clutch
-Selfmade air exraction tunnel with bonnet vent
-Exhaust tunnel used for 38mm cooling pipes
-Selfmade air collector for intercooler
-intercooler air feed through side windows and roof NACA duct


-36L aluminium fuel tank in the front
-Facet Blue-Top pre pump (low pressure)
-1 Liter Catchtank
-TI Automotive (Walbro) GSL392 fuel pump


-pre silencer
-63mm exhaust diameter


-Subaru 5 speed 4WD gearbox
-Bremar Automotion 2WD conversion kit (front-wheel drive)
-All-wheel transfer box removed
-Selfmade gearbox bracket with competition mount

Gear shift:

-BMW E30 shifter
-Selfmade Push-Pull-Cabel actuation
-Selfmade manipulation at gearbox


-Hydraulic clutch actuation
-Subaru master cylinder actuated with Corsa pedal box


-KW Competition coilovers (120N/mm springs)
-Unibal top mounts
-Wide track modification (+10cm track width)
-Rose jointed wishbone and trailing arms
-Wishbone mounting points relocated 20mm upwards
-Strut bar
-Selfmade lower strut brace
-Drive shafts removed

-KW Competition coilovers (120N/mm springs)
-Self made double wishbone setup
-Lower wishbones rose jointed and Subaru original
-Upper rose jointed wishbone  selfmade
-Strut bar


-Quaife quick rack (2.5 turns)
-Corsa C EPAS steering column
-Sports steering wheel
-Rose jointed track rods


-Group A chassis strengthening
-Heigo roll cage
-Extended roll cage for mid engine application


-Fiberglass bonnet
-Fiberglass front bumper
-Fiberglass front wings
-Fiberglass rear arches
-Fiberglass doors
-Fiberglass bootlid
-Fiberglass sunroof insert
-Stubby mirror drivers side
-Rear mirror passengers side removed
-Lexan windows
-Windshield stock 🙂


-Front: Porsche 986 4 pot calipers, Ford Focus ST170 300mm brake discs
-Rear: Subaru Impreza GC8 rear brakes